What got me into UWC

Having gone through the selection process by my national committee , I am not an expert on what really gets one a scholarship to study at one of the United World Colleges. I am not part of the selection group and I haven't got feedback from anyone regarding my application. But I still feel like I have some pieces of advice for future applicants without giving away any details about the process that has not been out there before.  My top priority is that I provide the most value I can to you know, so I won't rob your time with too many personal details. If you are interested in getting to know me you can always read the about me page! But for now, let's get into my tips! 1. Do your research  I believe that this is the single most important thing I have done to make my application successful and this is the key to getting any scholarship. Doing research! The two purposes of doing research arealways: Knowing as much you can about the program You should